The abbreviation DSF stands for:

  • German Sports Television, a former German television station, went up in Sport 1
  • Society for German - Soviet Friendship, a mass organization in East Germany
  • Distance factor, a technical parameter of speakers and microphones
  • Dubai Shopping Festival, a retail event and tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates
  • German Foundation for Peace Research, a foundation based in Osnabrück
  • David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental organization based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Debt Sustainability Framework, developed by the World Bank and IMF framework program for the sustainability of debt
  • Double Skin Facade, English for double facade
  • Diplôme de secretariate du francais, French diploma, ESOL Level B2
  • Handcars collection Frick Valley, a Swiss Verein, the handcar collects
  • Diskontierungssummenfaktor, initial capital needed to reach a certain level at a certain time at a given interest rate
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