DSK is an abbreviation for:

  • Data Protection Commission
  • " Data Protection ", see Conference of Data Protection Commissioners of the Federation and the Länder
  • Data protection concept
  • German School Cape Town
  • German hard coal AG
  • German racing driver circuit
  • Germany transmitter Culture, 1990-1993 existing radio stations, and successor to DDR2
  • Devisenschutzkommando
  • Division Fast forces of the Bundeswehr
  • Dominique Strauss- Kahn, often referred to in France as
  • The double layer capacitor
  • Thin layers in the cold installation, repair measure in road
  • Dvorak keyboard layout, english Dvorak Simplified Keyboard ( DSK )

DSK has in television technology have the following meanings:

D.S.K. stands for:

  • DSK, acronym for disruption of Soul and Child, French Death Grind Band
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation