DSL (disambiguation)

DSL is short for:

  • Damn Small Linux, Linux distribution that provides only low requirements on the hardware
  • Defence System Limited; original name of the Armor Group; international security provider in London
  • Definitive Software Library, secure software library for the IT Infrastructure Library
  • Design Science License, copyleft license for free content
  • Desired Sensation Level, term from the hearing aid
  • German Pain League, a non-profit association with the aim to improve the quality of life of people with chronic pain
  • German School in Lagos Nigeria
  • German Seniorenliga eV, advocacy
  • German municipal and state pension Bank
  • DJ DSL, Austrian hip hop and trip hop DJ
  • German Sky League for skydivers
  • German Sledge Hockey League, the highest German league for Sledge Hockey
  • Digital Subscriber Line, Internet connection via broadband digital communications networks
  • Domain Specific Language, domain-specific language for a certain problem area
  • Domestic Substances List, Canadian Inventory of Chemicals
  • Other damage liquidation, Rechtstheorem enforcement of claims for damages for lost during delivery shipments
  • Dual stress liner specific method of chip fabrication in order to reduce the power consumption of
  • Dynamic System Language, programming language for simulations in control engineering

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