DSV 78 Hannover

The German sports club founded in Hanover in 1878 eV (Hannover 78) is a traditional Hanoverian sports club. It is with him the oldest rugby club and at the same time the oldest field sports club in Germany. He now offers the divisions Hockey, Recreational Sports, rugby, tennis and handball.

History and Description

Hannover 78 was founded on 14 September 1878 by the 14 -year-old Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke and other students as " German football club Hannover 1878 " (under " football " was understood at that time Rugby). The association area is located in the Calenberger Neustadt belonging Sports Park near the HDI arena. Next to the clubhouse It includes an artificial turf stadium for hockey, a rugby field (with floodlights), nine tennis courts and a sports hall for hockey and tennis.



With around 480 members of the hockey department is the largest of the association. The first men to play in the 2nd Bundesliga Bundesliga field and 1 hall, the first ladies in the Regional Hall and in the regional field.


The 150 -member rugby department is the nucleus of the club. Nine German championships, eleven German Cup wins in the men's, as well as 21 national titles with the youth teams could win the club. 61 Men's Players of the association were called to the national team. Currently plays the men's team in the 1st Bundesliga.


As with many other tennis clubs, a loss of members has been recorded. At the best times of the tennis boom, the department had about 500 members, 2007, approximately 200


Hannover 78 also plays a role in the club's history of the famous football club Hannover 96 78 boss Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke wanted his rugby team namely procure playing partner and therefore suggested in 1896 the creation of this further then Rugby Club at.

The most prominent member was the 78- heath poet Hermann Lons. According to him the often discharged in hockey Lons Cup is named.