The abbreviation stands for DTC

  • German Society for Tropical Medicine eV
  • Direct Torque Control, Torque Control
  • Danish Touring Car Championship, a race series in Denmark
  • German Touring Car Challenge, a race series in Germany
  • German Transport Company
  • Dynamic Traction Control, built in BMW motorcycles
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code, a code used in the automotive industry for the identification of malfunction
  • Distributed Transaction Coordinator, a system service on Microsoft Windows NT -based operating systems
  • Disseminated Tumor Cells, scattered tumor cells
  • Depository Trust Company, in cooperation with the National Securities Clearing Corporation ( NSCC ) is a subunit of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation ( DTCC), the world's largest custodian for securities
  • Direct -to-consumer, business, the contact with their product directly to consumers
  • Design To Cost, Proceedings of the product development
  • Dusit Thani College
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