Du (Cro song)

June 29, 2012

You is a song by the German rapper and singer Cro. It can be associated with the genres of hip-hop and pop. Produced, written and composed was the song by Cro alone. He was released on 29 June 2012 on iTunes. The cover of the single shows a girl with panda mask. The piece is included in Cros album raop.


In the text it comes to his girlfriend, who expressed their wishes ( " She says she would like the sea ", " I just want so much that it is enough hassle free ") in order to recover from stress. The chorus responds Cro ( ' Cause baby believe me, you're the best "). In the second stanza Cro continues his answer and explained the difficulties prefer the life of musician.


Before the song was released, it was on June 12, already an audition on YouTube. The media quickly found out about it and they told about the song. At that time it was already determined that the single would come out on June 29. On June 28, 2012, the song will premiere in full length at tape.tv. In the following two days after the publication of two more singles were released, King of raop and my time.

Music Video

Published on 28 June at tape.tv, you celebrated a day later at YouTube premiere. The video reflects the lyrics. One sees Cro in a car with his girlfriend along the road driving, but the car breaks down and they have to stop. Once the chorus starts, you can see them jump into the sea. One sees the woman turns in her bed and on the beach. At the end of the video they are in an airplane. Director for the video led Niels Münter, the production was www.clatch.de. November 2012 had the video more than 12 million hits.


Charts and awards

Second place was achieved in Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland tenth place 42 In addition, you received more than 300,000 units sold in Germany a platinum record.


Reported Erich Unrau of hiphop.de that you constitute a " musical tribute to the 80s pop sound with its echoing claps, funky basslines and retro synths " on tribe -online.de has been reported that it is one of the Highlights from the album was. Simon thinks Langemann of laut.de, the song would go towards synthpop and Julian Dannenhauer of generation- one.de writes that Cro in you " just tell everyone about his happiness."