Du Mu

Du Mu (Chinese杜牧, Pinyin Du Mu ) (* 803 Chang'an, † 852) was a poet of the Tang Dynasty. He was influenced by Du Fu, Li Bai, Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan.

Du Mu was born as the son of an increasingly verschuldenden family. He put 827 the civil service exam at the age of 25 years from and clothed in a result, many public offices. He succeeded, however never to attain high office, apparently because he made ​​835 enemies in a substantive issue in the year.

Du Mu dealt with shi, fu and ancient Chinese prose. He is mainly known for his sensual and lyrical quatrains. In addition, he also wrote long ballads, a commentary on the Art of War as well as letters of advice to high officials.

Du Mu and Li Shangyin be known as the " small Li -Du " means (小李 杜), as opposed to the "big Li- You," Li Bai and Du Fu.