Dub - Techno is a special brand of techno that became popular in the early 2000s.

The style is mostly based on the typical techno 4/4-time, with an emphasis of each quarter by an electronic bass drum in combination with other instruments and riffs that are often enriched with repetitive effects such as reverb, echo and phaser to a warm, atmospheric sound to achieve, as he particularly in Dub is employed. Some productions but also serve a more technical, often described as cold sound. The style uses highly technical means of production and only influences of Dub and thus can not be called directly as Dub - sub-genre, as it usually has no similarities or parallels with reggae. A common element is also a repeated, short and progressive surface sound with reverb and echo ( delay effect ).

While some styles of electronic music are defined by their hardness and speed, Dub - Techno can in a frame of ambient influenced music on minimal techno, to faster electronic dance music, in part, also move with house influences and is characterized often by one of sound, which is perceived by listeners as gentle and relatively relaxing. Productions with particularly reduced or non-existent beat and focus on the atmosphere are sometimes referred to as ambient-dub.

Particularly productive in this area has long been the netlabel Thinner, which reached cult status in the netlabel scene. The label ~ scape is primarily known for ambientlastigere dub techno productions. As an important representative among other Dub Taylor, poles and Dirk Diggler apply.

Unlike gängigerem Dub - Techno, where the characteristic techno music is in the foreground, stand as the producer Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus or Rod model (known as Deep Chord ) and Mike Schommer with a style of music produced, the different genres Dub and Techno united or combined.

Selection of known artists

  • Basic Channel
  • Deepchord
  • Mono Lake
  • Andy Stott
  • Echospace
  • Vladislav Delay
  • Pole
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