Dubai 24 Hour

The 24 - hour race in Dubai is a since 2006 discharged in January motorsport event for sports cars at the Dubai Autodrome in Dubai. The length of a round is 5.390 km.


The vehicle field is subdivided into four classes, which are further divided according to engine capacity in subclasses: Gasoline vehicles:

  • Class A1: up to 1.6 L displacement
  • Class A2: 1.6 L to 2.0 L displacement or to 1.6 L with turbo
  • A3T class: from 1.6 L to 2.0 L with turbo
  • Class A4: from 2.0 L to 3.0 L displacement
  • Class A5: from 3.0 L to 3.5 L Displacement

Diesel vehicles:

  • D1: up to 2.0 L displacement
  • Class D2: from 2.0 L to 3.0 L Displacement

GT vehicles:

  • Class 996: Porsche 996 Cup
  • Class 997: Porsche 997 Cup ( 2007-2013 & Cup S )
  • Class A6 -AM: GT3 cars
  • Class A6 -Pro: GT3 cars

Special vehicles:

  • Class SP2 GT3A: Cars that fit into any other category.
  • Class SP3 GT4A: GT4 cars
  • Class SP4: electric and hybrid vehicles

Since the balance of performance applicable in this race, valid for any vehicle a different minimum weight and maximum tank volume per pit stop.

Live broadcast

The race will be fully commented in English from Internet radio stations On the official website of the event, a live video stream is available over the entire race distance. The motor sports TV channel MotorsTV (only available on certain cable provider ) transfers in German 10 hours of the race.

Previous overall winners