Dubstar were a three-man British music band from Newcastle -upon- Tyne, which existed from 1993 to 2000. Their music mixed Pop, Independent and danceable electronic sounds, which is why critics they found in the vicinity of the band Saint Etienne. Dubstar released three regular albums, plus a remix album and after their separation, a best-of album.

Band Members

  • Sarah Blackwood ( born May 6, 1971 in Halifax ) - Vocals
  • Steve Hillier ( born May 14, 1969 in Southampton ) - Keyboards
  • Chris Wilkie ( born January 25, 1973 in Gateshead ) - guitar

Band History

Dubstar formed in the summer of 1993, when Hillier and Wilkie, at that time, the duo formed The Joan became aware of Blackwood's voice. Within six months, they were able to sign a record deal with the independent label Food Records. After two singles reached the British top 40, appeared in the fall of 1995 the debut album Disgraceful. The song Stars has become a cult status; it reached # 54 in the Top 6000 radio KIA Countdown internet charts.

After the dissolution of Dubstar Blackwood became a founding member of the Electroclash band Client. Hillier works as a composer and producer in his own recording studio (eg with and for Keane, Bebel Gilberto, Mark Owen ).