Duchy of Zator

The Duchy of Zator ( Czech Zatorské knížectví; Polish Księstwo Zatorskie ) originated in 1445 by division of the Duchy of Auschwitz. It was ruled by the Silesian Piast dynasty, which sold it in 1494 to Poland. Residenzort was the city of the same name Zator.


The area of Zator belonged first to the Duchy of Teschen and arrived at the division 1314/15 to the Duchy of Auschwitz, which was a fief of the Crown of Bohemia since 1327. After death of the Duke Casimir I of Auschwitz in 1434 its possessions were initially managed by the eldest son Wenceslas I, and only in 1445 divided. For Wenceslas I, the area of Zator was separated and collected into an independent duchy. The so reduced Duchy of Auschwitz kept the youngest brother of John IV, while the middle brother Primislaus III. the Duchy Tost received.

After the death of Duke Wenceslas I in 1465 he was followed by his sons Casimir, Wenceslas II, John V. and Wladislaus. The long living Duke John V. sold in 1494, the Duchy of Zator the Polish king John I, where he reserved a life-long enjoyment. After his death happened in 1513, the Duchy of Zator was spun off from Silesia and Poland incorporated.

After the First Partition of Poland in 1772, the area of Zator came to Austria and was administratorisch connected to Galicia. In order to register their claims to the former Duchy of Bohemia, Archduchess Maria Theresia dubbed in her capacity as Queen of Bohemia including as Duchess of Auschwitz Zator. 1815 Zator along with other Habsburg lands, part of the German Confederation. After the First World War the area in 1918 fell to the Second Polish Republic.

Dukes of Zator