Duckow is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located southeast of Malchin. Until 1 January 2005, the municipality was part of the Office on the Lake Kummerow and has since become part of the Office Malchin on Lake Kummerow.

Geography and transport

Duckow is located about three kilometers southeast of Malchin. Federal highway 104 runs north from Lübeck to the left of the church. Through the municipal area the Ostpeene flows.


Quarters are:

  • Pinnow
  • Duckow.


The oldest surviving documents in which Duckow is mentioned, dates from the year 1226.

Duckow was for centuries owned by the family of Malt tooth. Despite various inheritances within the family and the family branches Pinnow remained as Hauptgut and Duckow as Nebengut always in the possession of malt tooth.

Several Malt tooth 's possessions on the Ostpeene, including Duckow and the district Pinnow, formed the Saeben Dörper, a Pomeranian exclave surrounded by the Mecklenburg area. 1937, these villages came from Demmin county to Mecklenburg county Malchin.


  • Mecklenburg Polo Club Pinnow e.V.


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  • Stone church from the late 13th century with baroque organ of Matthias Friese.