Duesen Bayern

Nozzles Bavaria (Japaneseデュッセン バイエルン, Dyussen Baierun ) is an existing since 2001 Japanese automotive brand with headquarters in Nagoya. Since being founded by designer Takuya Kudo arise repeatedly own creations in retro style. Currently three models are produced under its own brand name. The manufacturer produced since 2009, among others but also replicas of the models BMW Isetta 250, Chevrolet Corvette C1, Ferrari 288 GTO, Nissan Skyline 2000 GT -R and Toyota 2000GT. In small quantities, the Duesen- Bayern- models are also exported to Europe. Often, the brand is also abbreviated as DB, which often is in Germany for Daimler -Benz.

Model Chronicle

  • Japanese spelling :デュッセン バイエルン マイ スター

The Mystar is the first model of the brand. With its exclusive interior of the BMW Z3 is the flagship of the brand. The exterior, however, had a Mercedes -Benz 190 SL for example. At first glance, these are indistinguishable. However, where the pendant next to it, so the different dimensions fall clearly into the eye. The body is made ​​of fiberglass, it is protected from rust. The hood can be opened completely. Was a choice of four-and six-cylinder engines of BMW are available in four-valve technology with power 140-231 hp and left or right steering. The Mystar produced since February 2002.

  • Japanese spelling :デュッセン バイエルン リッツ

The Ritz is a small car, the Fiat Nuova resembles the older 500 from the front. From the back he gives way with a large engine compartment from the original but from far. Technically it is based on the Nissan March. The vehicle will be available from € 15,500 with the Japanese dealers. The Ritz has been produced since June 2002.

  • Japanese spelling :デュッセン バイエルン アグネス

The Agnes is the last developed model and includes the same technical features such as the Mystar. Even the interior is the same. The body was starting modified by Mystar something sportier. The model Agnes produced since May 2007.

Model Overview

  • All items are the factory specifications