Duisburg Philharmonic

The Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra (until 2001 Duisburg Symphony Orchestra ) is a German opera and concert orchestra. It was founded in 1877 under the name " New Urban chapel " and under the direction of Hermann Brandt in Duisburg.


Walter Josephson, music director from 1899 to 1920, began with the German premiere of Anton Bruckner's Ninth Symphony, the first major accents. Famous personalities such as Richard Strauss, Paul Hindemith, Carl Schuricht, Max Reger, Hans Pfitzner, Aram Khachaturian and Bruno Walter conducted the orchestra as a guest conductor.

The heyday of the orchestra were the 1920s. Under the leadership of Music Director Paul Scheinpflug (1920 - 1928) and the Intendant Saladin Schmitt celebrated the orchestra music festivals and there were numerous first and world premieres.

From 1930 to 1932, music director Eugen Jochum the management of the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. He was replaced music director Otto Volkmann in 1933. He accompanied the orchestra in difficult times, even during the chaos of war by the year 1944.

In the postwar period the construction work of Georg Ludwig Jochum (1948-1970) has been made. This was followed by Walter Weller (1971 ), Miltiades Caridis ( 1975-1981 ), Lawrence Foster ( 1982-1987 ), Alexander Lazarev ( 1988-1993 ) and Bruno Weil ( 1994-2002 ).

At the beginning of the 2002/2003 season, the Briton Jonathan Darlington started work as a music director and conductor of the Symphony Orchestra. At the end of the season 2010/2011 Darlington gave these items again. Successor as music director is from the season 2012/13 Giordano Bellincampi. Since 2006, the musicologist Alfred helix is ​​director of the orchestra.


Their main venue had the orchestra in Duisburg Mercator hall to the preparations for the demolition of the hall in 2003. Since found the concerts in Duisburg Theater on Marientor instead. In April 2007, the new Mercator hall was completed at the City Palace; it has since served as a new residence for the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. After the closure of the new Mercatorhalle fire safety reasons in turn is the theater on Marientor main venue of the orchestra.

Another venue is the Theater Duisburg, where the orchestra occurs as an opera orchestra of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. In addition, the orchestra for example in the Haniel Academy, the concert - theater - Coesfeld, the Rhine Hausen- hall and the Lehmbruck Museum also occurs in other places.

Outdoor concerts

Especially popular with the population respectively at the end of the concert season held open-air concerts of the orchestra at different locations in Duisburg: in Kant park, on the Castle Square, at the Inner Harbor, in the context of major sporting events ( World Games 2005 Canoe World Championships in 2007 ) also in the sports park Wedau.


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