Duke (Album)


Duke (English for " Duke " ) is the tenth studio album by British rock band Genesis. It was released in March 1980 and reached the first Genesis album number one in the UK album charts. Duke also increased the popularity of Genesis in the USA.

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Duke was recorded and released in a phase of reorientation of Genesis. Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford participated in the run on their solo albums A Curious Feeling and Smallcreep's Day, which were not very successful. Phil Collins, however, emigrated with his wife to Vancouver, to save his marriage, which was heavily affected by his success with Genesis. Collins and his wife finally separated. As a result, he wrote some very personal songs that were later released on his successful solo debut Face Value. Two of these songs - Misunderstanding and Please Do not Ask - found a place on Duke.


Through the album, a suite, which consists of the songs Behind the Lines, Duchess, Guide Vocal, Turn it on Again Duke's Travels and Duke 's End pulls. Originally, these six titles should find strung together on a full album - side space, which the experiment indicates a second Supper's Ready ( see Foxtrot ) to create. However, the band eventually decided to split the suite into six individual titles and spread over the album. Through this connection, the album among critics is considered the most organic plant since Genesis A Trick of the Tail 1976.

Mike Rutherford's bass playing is very clear and full of energy, the guitar was from him - as with later Genesis usual works - used only sparse but atmospheric and effective. Collins ' work on the drums and the percussion is considered very mature and dynamic. Banks waived unusual synthesizer sounds and focuses in particular on the piano.

With Misunderstanding Genesis could contribute a great hit single in the U.S.. Duke applies there as her big break. Despite the great commercial success of the album, it is critical and progressive rock fans as popular as it is next to Pop music also contains many bonds of the classic progressive rock of the 1970s.

Title list

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Description of individual songs

  • Duchess: This title deals with the career development of female rock stars: the Duchess, the female counterpart to the eponymous Duke. The song tells of the initial ascent to the final demise of the protagonist in the show business.
  • Guide Vocal: This short piece is built only on Collins ' vocals and Banks ' piano. The lyrics of the song is also featured in Duke 's Travels in a slightly different form.
  • Turn It On Again: This is a very popular live piece of tape, which could be missing in any concert of the band since publication. In recent tours made ​​it mostly the conclusion of a Genesis concert. The song is built on a 13/8-Takt and consists of a bass pedal rhythm and a repeated of keyboard and guitar riff.
  • Cul -de -Sac: The title comes from the French and means dead end. The song is - dominated by piano, synths, different harmonies and rhythm changes - typical of the authors Banks. The song is one of the few clearly progressive tracks on the album.


The group toured with the album Duke March to July 1980. The setlist consisted of a balanced mix of all previous phases of the band.

Sample Setlist



  • Tony Banks - keyboards, vocals, 12-string guitar
  • Phil Collins - percussion, drums, vocals
  • Mike Rutherford - bass, guitar, vocals

Guest musicians

  • David Hentschel - backing vocals


  • Producer: Genesis, David Hentschel
  • Production Assistant: Dave Bascombe
  • Sound Technician: David Hentschel
  • Mastering: Ray Staff
  • Artistic Director: Bill Smith
  • Artwork: Lionel Koechlin