Duke Nalon

Dennis "Duke" Nalon ( born March 2, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, † February 26, 2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) was an American race car driver.

The career of Duke Nalon began by accident. Nalon belonged in the 1930s to the pit crew of the American racer Wally Zale and drove the vehicles use a front of the race. As the team manager Walter Galven was looking for a racing driver, Zale advised him Nalon, who took the chance and immediately won his first Midget race.

Nalon, whose nickname is The Iron Duke was, belonged to the Chicago gang around Tony Bettenhausen and drove Midget race to the end of his career. 1938, secured the championship title of the East - Coast- AAA Sprint Car Series.

Nolan gave his debut at the 1938 500-mile race at Indianapolis. 1949 and 1951, he started from pole position, his best finish was the third place in 1948. Since the 500 - mile race from 1950 to 1960 belonged to the world championship of Formula 1, available at Nalon also three starts at World Championship races in the statistics. Points he could not achieve.

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Literature and sources

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  • Formula 1 racer (United States)
  • Champ Car racer
  • Americans
  • Born in 1913
  • Died in 2001
  • Man