Dukus Horant

Dukus Horant called a arisen around 1300 Jewish- German verse epic, whose substance has close contacts with the Middle High German Kudrun. Stylistically and motivlich is close to the epic of Spielmannsepik and the late heroic epic.

It tells the courtship to the Greek princess Hilde, daughter of the wild Hagen. The highly famous for his singing talents Danes Duke Horand undertakes the advertising drive on behalf of the king Etene. In Hagen's capital succeeds Horand using his song to contact Hilde and to convince them of the application Etenes. With the consent of Hilde and her abduction during a Hoffestes the text breaks off. From the Hilde - Gudrun part of the progress of the story can develop: The Abduction should have drawn the persecution by the father to be.

The Dukus Horant is only fragmentary obtained ( 280 verses ). The text is written in Hebrew in the so-called Cambridge manuscript of 1382 /83 a altjiddischen manuscript collection, survived. She comes from the Geniza of Ezra Synagogue in Old Cairo and arrived in 1896 in the Cambridge University Library.