Dune (Band)

Dune was a German dance formation in the mid- 1990s, among other things, with titles like Hardcore Vibes, Are You Ready to Fly? and Rainbow to the Stars by success. The name is inspired by the original English title of the science fiction film Dune.

  • 2.1 albums
  • 2.2 Singles

Band History


The band Dune was founded in 1994 by the Münster DJ Oliver Froning with producers Jens Oettrich and Bernd Burhoff. One of the first tracks that are mainly oriented in the direction of Happy Hardcore, belonged to the more instrumental and provided with little singing Hardcore Vibes, " I can not stop raving " and the cover of Rozalla title Are You Ready to Fly? with guest vocalist Tina Lagao, which later became known as Tina Lacebal frontwoman.


After the band had expanded rigor to the previously working only as a background dancer Verena of that from now on borrowed the titles of her voice, the band's success continued to grow. Yet appeared in 1995 a completely new version of the instrumental tracks already included on the first album Can not Stop Raving, this time with the touch of a computer / vocoder heavily modified singing Tina Lagaos. In 1996 the second album Expedicion with songs like Rainbow to the Stars, hand in hand, or even Million Miles from Home. The latter was in Germany the official song for the 30th anniversary of Star Trek.

Classical phase

The end of 1996 Dune full then led a complete turnaround, what style of music was concerned: The Dance Band suddenly produced a cover of the Queen hit Who Wants to Live Forever a ballad, together with the London Session Orchestra and landed at # 2 on the charts. After the album Forever, was continued, completed under Orbit Records ( among others, the Phil Collins classic Against All Odds ( Take a Look at Me Now) and The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood), Verena separated by severity in dispute and the courts of the band. The second single, the song written by Prince Nothing Compares 2 U, flopped literally, and it was very quiet around Dune.

Without rigor of Verena

Only in 1998 appeared a new single with new singer: Keep the Secret, sung by Vanessa Hörster, this time from the style rather dance, almost pop. The second single, Electric Heaven, corresponded with the seemingly antiquated electro-funk beats. In addition, since both singles were released only in Germany, the numerous Dutch fans were very unhappy and the planned album 5 not appeared erst again disappeared Dune into oblivion for half a year later with Tina Lacebal a cover of ABBA hits One of us to publish again in the ballad style. The accompanying album Forever and Ever had mediocre success, all in all, the heyday of Dune seemed well over.


The end of 1999 a new single called Dark Side of the Moon the promise appeared in Expedicion style, this on a new album called Reunion - which, however, never appeared.

Partly Singles

Towards the end of 2000 appeared Dune vs. Trubblemaker: Hardcore Vibes 2000, a new version of the first Dune hits. But this song disappeared quite quickly from the scene, just like Rainbow to the Stars 2003, three years later.

Current Development

All persons involved in the band have since moved on to other projects. Oliver Froning sets under the name DUNE and, together with Kai Niggemann the label rawcanine records. Jens Oettrich produced film music, among others at Koy - Music. Bernd Burhoff is active at Home Records. Tina Lagao / Lacebal played Kala in Tarzan (Hamburg).



  • Expedicion (1 April 1996)
  • Live! (1 September 1996)
  • Forever ( 1 January 1997)
  • Forever ( Limited Edition; double CD with instrumental versions of the entire album in a different order than on the first edition ) (1997 )
  • Forever and Ever (1 December 1998)
  • History (1 November 2000)


  • Hardcore Vibes (1994 )
  • Are You Ready to Fly (1995 )
  • Can not Stop Raving (1995 )
  • Rainbow to the Stars (1996 )
  • Hand In Hand (1996 )
  • Million Miles from Home (1 August 1996)
  • Who Wants to Live Forever (1 October 1996)
  • Nothing Compares 2 U ( 1997)
  • Published only in Poland - Somebody (18 July 1997)
  • Keep the Secret (1 April 1998 )
  • Electric Heaven (1998)
  • Dark Side of the Moon (1999)
  • Heaven feat. Verena ( not released for legal reasons, only as a promo - Maxi and briefly as vinyl )
  • Hardcore Vibes vs. Trubblemaker (2 October 2000)
  • Rainbow to the Stars 2003 (23 June 2003)