Beers are available in different shades of color from whitish - yellow to black. For simplicity it is often rough distinction between light and dark beers, the boundary between is dark yellow and light brown in the Amber, but not exactly fixed.

Beer color

The dark color of the beer depends less on the malt and wort, but in particular on the color intensity of the malt used, which may result from the production of a light yellow to deep black color of the finished beer dependent. In Germany and Central Europe, the color strength of malt and beer in the EBC unit is measured. A North German Pilsner has as a rule a color strength of about 3 EBC, during a Munich Dark is more in the area around 40 EBC and a dark beer or stout may already be well over 100 EBC.


The Dark as a type of beer, especially in Bavaria, a bottom-fermented, brown beer with an original gravity of between 11 % and 13 % and an alcohol content of 4.5 and 6%. There are no sharp boundary to export beer dark, but the same beer can as a " dark " or " dark Export " to be in stores. The Bavarian Dark is brewed according to the Munich brewing, as well as the Bavarian Light. In some regions of Franconia, especially Franconian Switzerland fermented beers are also dark to a large extent, brewed.

In some regions the Dark is also called brown beer.

Well-known varieties are:

  • Bock beer, dark
  • Dark beer
  • Hefeweizen, dark
  • Brown ale


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