Dunsum ( Frisian: Dunsem ) is a municipality on the west coast of the island of Foehr in North Frisia. It consists of the districts of large and small - Dunsum.

Geography and transport

From Dunsum from mudflats to Amrum offered. Amrum and Sylt are visible from Dunsum from.

In the Wadden north of Dunsum the Baalk - Stian, a large boulder, which had been lying in a place that was destroyed by a storm surge is. According to legend, should be hidden beneath it a treasure; however, he was never found.


The place name means Donnis settlement.

As part of Westerland Foehr Dunsum belonged to the royal enclaves and was the Kingdom of Denmark directly belonging, whereas the claimant country Foehr Wyk with the Duchy of Schleswig belonged. Only after Denmark lost Schleswig to Prussia came Dunsum 1864 Schleswig -Holstein.


Municipal council

Since the local elections in 2013, there are in Dunsum a community meeting instead of a municipal council, as the population was on December 31, 2010 under 70. The Municipal Assembly belong to all eligible voters.


For the election period 2013-2018 Erk Hemsen was elected mayor, succeeding to Arfst Christiansen.