Dutch Grand Prix

As Dutch Grand Prix ( Grote Prijs van Nederland ) is a Formula 1 race was held 30 times so far.

Since the 1950s, this Grand Prix Circuit Park Zandvoort in Zandvoort was always right on the North Sea coast rather than on the race track leading through the dunes.

The first scoring of the Formula 1 World Championship race was held in the 1952 season, the last date in the season 1985.

In the years 1950 and 1951, there were already two races with Formula 1 vehicles in Zandvoort, however, did not count for the official World Cup standings. Both races won by Frenchman Louis Rosier in a Talbot.

Since the track after 1971 no longer met the safety standards, it was rebuilt and only began again in 1973 in the Formula 1 calendar. They had indeed added a new chicane named Panoramic, but despite the new standards of driver Roger Williamson died in the race. 1979 one added another chicane. In 1980 here was killed the German racing driver Hans -Georg citizens fatal.

Record winner is Jim Clark with four wins in the 1960s. Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda won three races at Zandvoort.


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