DVCAM is a digital video format. It is manufactured by the Sony professional version of consumer DV ( digital video).

The only modified characteristics are trace width of 10 microns to 15 microns and a faster tape speed (2.8 cm / s compared to consumer DV with 1.9 cm / s), resulting in a shortened cassette runtime results, but also a lower error rate on the tapes. The same information is written on "more" band. As a band material vapor-coated metal strip is used as DV, the bands have a standard length of 184 minutes. A notable difference from DV is still 4 times the playback speed. For example, you can copy over the SDTI strip material in 4x speed via an interface program on a hard disk.

DVCAM Player and Recorder are DV (or mini -DV) compatible.

Furthermore, DVCAM works in locked audio format ( audio and video information are coupled ). In contrast, a maximum difference between the picture and sound of ± ⅓ frame (frame ) is allowed in consumer DV.

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