Dvigrad is an abandoned city ruins in the town of Kanfanara on the Croatian peninsula of Istria. The medieval town located in the Draga valley. He stands on the remains of a prehistoric settlement and was abandoned in 1631.


The Illyrians populated in ancient times the area Dvigrad. 1345 the village was plundered by the Genoese Admiral Doria Paganin during the war between Genoa and Venice. The Venetians plundered turn the place anno 1383rd Only in 1413 a nobleman from Koper was used by the Venetians as governor. In the 16th century epidemics studied home like the plague or malaria Dvigrad. 1631 left almost all the inhabitants of the village or died. Only three families remained in 1650, at the latest in 1714 the place was deserted. The building fell into disrepair then, ruins remained. At best, the former castle has been preserved.

Currently (as of 2013) is the ruins of the village a tourist destination. Protection and restoration are pending.