DW is the German government foreign television stations Deutsche Welle. The news and information-oriented program of Deutsche Welle went on 1 April 1992 on the air and is distributed via satellite. Of production for the TV DW Berlin - from the buildings of the former AEG small engine factory in Volta Street in Berlin - healthy well. On February 6, 2012, the German wave underwent a complete relaunch and occurs since on all routes only as DW. In addition, the TV program was revised.


DW currently broadcasts in six channels:

  • DW Arabia (Arabic, English)
  • DW America ( German, English)
  • Asia DW ( German )
  • DW Europe ( German, English)
  • DW Latinoamérica ( Spanish)
  • DW (English)


DW has especially commissioned to provide a comprehensive picture of Germany abroad. The legal basis for the transmission of this television program is the law on broadcasting institution of federal law " German Wave " of 16 December 1997 as amended on 28 October 2004. Hence the mission to produce and disseminate for international broadcasting and electronic media. The goal should be to represent Germany to the outside world in its liberal- democratic roots and values. Contain the DW programs are also different views on important issues, especially politics, culture and economy both in Europe and in other continents provide a forum with the aim to promote understanding and exchange between cultures and peoples.


The most essential supervisory body of the Deutsche Welle and the TV channel DW is the Broadcasting Council, which represents the interests of the general public. Its composition consists of a total of 17 members. The second body is the Board of Directors, this monitors the Board of directors consists of seven members (that is, made ​​up of members of the Broadcasting Council, the Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the Federal Government ).

The task of the overall management of the operation and programming is chaired by the director, which has a term of six years. For DW also acts in the boardroom, a program director, a director of distribution as well as a Director.


The German wave financed from federal budget funds from the Federal Republic of Germany and from other income. Each year, the broadcaster are approximately 310 million euros.


The transmitter is distributed via satellite AsiaSat 3S, Insat, Nilesat 102, Atlantic Bird 3, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B, AMC -1 and Intelsat 9. The broadcasting for Europe via the ASTRA satellite was terminated on 31 December 2009. Since 1 January 2010 the German wave in Europe is only on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B (formerly: Hotbird 8) to receive directly.

In addition, the TV program is circulated on the Internet on the homepage of the transmitter. Worldwide DW programs are distributed via so-called DW- partner stations as Deukom and Satelio. In total, there are around 3,500 partners who take on DW- TV ( or DW- Radio ) in whole or in part, and send again.

Disruption of satellite transmission of DW-TV

On 7 and 8 December 2009, also used by DW-TV transponder was disturbed on Hotbird 8. According to the satellite operator Eutelsat could locate the jammer clearly in Iran. The operator then tried to make by raising the transmission power interference-free reception, but then also the interference signal has been strengthened. The cause of the disturbances, the censorship of the coverage of the riots and the protests of the opposition in Iran is suspected.

From 10 to 13 February, 2010, so in the environment of the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution occurred again disorders.

ARD had been affected by observations of a spectator in Amman / Jordan by the fault action.

Program content

Since February 6, 2012, the German wave may increasingly resort to Programs, hold the world rights for the ARD and ZDF. Above all, even talk shows such as Günther Jauch, Maybrit Illner and people produced at Maischberger are intended to supplement the news program that is produced, only 40 percent of the Deutsche Welle itself. So far, the program was broadcast alternately every hour on German and English. The main program ( " DW ") is now available around the clock in English. For the individual continents programs are partly offered completely in German. The Spanish-language program for Latin America, DW ( Latinoamérica) was extended by a day to 20 hours. Online content is now available via an app. A radio program will be broadcast on shortwave only to sub-Saharan Africa. DW (Europe) sends the morning and evening of each 9 to 12 clock in German, the rest of the time in English.