Dwang language

Spoken in

  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Kwa Nyo Potou - Tano Tano Guang North Guang dwang




Dwang is the rare expectant language of dwang, with approximately 8,200 (2003 GILLBT ) speakers in Ghana involving 1,600 Bekye, 3,300 and 3,300 Kenyen Wiase.

Dwang can be found south of the Volta Dam and the area of ​​distribution of Chumburung, east of the village Atebubu.

Alternative names are Dwan and Nchumunu. As dialects Bekye, Kenyen and Wiase be called.

Dwang approaches to at Kplang. It consists of 75 % a match to Chumburung. Crashes is well understood due to strong similarities.