Dworackie ( German Dworatzken ) is a place in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and is part of the rural community Świętajno ( Schwentainen ) in Olecki powiat ( county Oletzko ).

Geographical location

Dworackie located eleven kilometers southwest of the county town Olecko ( Oletzko ) on the southeastern shore of the Jezioro Dworackie ( Mr. villages lake). The village can be reached from Olecko on a side street on the Giza ( Giesen ) and Rosochakie ( Rososchatzken ) runs. After the closure of rail traffic to and from Olecko there is no rail link.


The small village Dworatzken was in 1874 in the District Schwentainen (now Polish: Świętajno ) incorporated, which belonged to the circle of Oletsko, then until 1945 the circle Treuburg in the district Gumbinnen the Prussian province of East Prussia until 1933. In 1910 lived in Dworatzken 274 inhabitants. Their number decreased to 1933 and amounted to 215 - after the place was renamed on March 8, 1934, Mr. village - in 1939 only to 199

In consequence of the war Mr. village came in 1945 with the southern East Prussia to Poland and was renamed Dworackie. Today the village is a small town with a mayor's office (Polish: sołectwo ) within the rural community Świętajno ( Schwentainen ) in the powiat Olecki in the Warmia - Mazury.


Before 1945, the vast majority of the population was Dworatzkens respectively. Mr. village Protestant denomination. The village was in the parish, the parish Schwentainen that the church circle Oletzko ( Treuburg ) belonged to the Church of the Old Prussian Union in the ecclesiastical province of East Prussia. Since 1945, the population Dworackies is almost exclusively Catholic. The formerly Protestant parish church in Schwentainen is now the catholic parish church, which is assigned to the Office of the Dean Olecko - Niepokalanego Poczęcia NMP in the diocese Elk of the Catholic Church in Poland. The evangelical church members living here belong to the parish Elk ( Lyck ), a branch church of the parish in Pisz ( Johannesburg ) in the Diocese of the Evangelical - Augsburg Church Mazury in Poland.


  • Place of Warmia and Mazury
  • Gmina Świętajno ( powiat Olecki )