DX refers to:

  • DX - format, a sensor format of Nikon digital SLRs
  • A component of the type name of a microprocessor by Intel, which indicates that the microprocessor has an integrated floating point unit, see list of microprocessors from Intel
  • DX coding, bar code system on film cartridges with information for camera computer and photo labs
  • A real-time audio plug -in interface for Windows operating systems
  • Duplex ( Communications Engineering ), a mode in communications technology
  • Deutz- Fahr DX, a series of tractors the company Deutz-Fahr
  • A prefix for DirectX components
  • The IATA code of the former German airline Air Commerz
  • Togo following the ICAO code

DX as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Referred to:

  • A differential over / under the x-axis

DX or Dx is the abbreviation for:

  • Deluxe referenced by the French " de luxe ", which in German " luxury " means and on special quality (usually of products )
  • Documenta X, short for the documenta 10, exhibition of contemporary art world in 1997 in Kassel
  • DXing, in the wireless technology the abbreviation for " long distance "
  • D- Generation X, a former WWE wrestling stable
  • An unconfirmed diagnosis in medicine ( in symbol form)
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