Dysnomia (mythology)

Dysnomia (Greek Δυσνομία the Missgesetzlichkeit ) In Greek mythology, the Daimona of lawlessness. She is a frequent companion of Ate, the delusion that their antagonist is Eunomia, the personification of law and order. In Hesiod's Theogony she is listed as one of the fourteen descendants of Eris.

In Greek mythology it plays only a minor role, but takes in Greek philosophy a central role, especially in Plato's work prefectures. Like the other personified vices were built their temples, so that they remain away one place. Dysnomia was also called a crisis of the Athenian polity under Solon about 600 BC, when it came to her disregard for the unwritten rules of living together through many of the Athenians.

2005 Dysnomia was chosen as the name for the moon of the dwarf planet Eris.