Dzungarian Alatau


Twilight in Djungarian Alatau

The Djungarian Alatau ( Kazakh Жетісу Алатауы, Russian Джунгарский Алатау ) is one to 4,622 m high mountains on the border of Kazakhstan to China.

The Djungarian Alatau runs along the border of the province of Almaty ( Kazakhstan) and the area of Xinjiang (China). It is bounded by the valley of the Ili in the west and the Djungarian eastern gateway. North of the Alatau are the Seven Rivers country and the Alaköl Lake, in the south of Borochoro Shan joins. The mountain range extends over 450 km in length in about east-northeast -west southwest direction. Its width varies 50-190 km.

The highest mountain of the Djungarian Alatau Gora Alagordy ( 4622 m) to the other mountains of the Besbakan part ( 4463 m).