E-40 (* November 15, 1967 in Vallejo, California; actually Earlington Reginald Stevens III ) is an American rapper from the Bay Area. His two albums In a Major Way ( 1995) and Loyalty and Betrayal (2000) were awarded in the United States with a platinum record. With six other albums he reached gold status.

The rapper uses a variety of names. In addition to his stage name E-40, he is also nicknamed Charlie Hustle, E- Bonics, 40 Fonzarelli, The Ambassador of the Bay, The Ballatician, 40 Belafonte, E- Pheezy, Forty Water and Earl Poppin ' His Collar known

Earl chose the " 40 " in " E-40 " as an allusion to the " 40s " - in American slang for a glass bottle of malt beverages or beer, which contains forty fluid ounces. The "E" was derived from Earl's first name.


After a talent show at Grambling State University decided E-40 and his cousin B- Legit to try a rap career. They moved back to Vallejo and teamed up with D -Shot, E-40 's brother, together, to set up the group Most Valuable Player. The uncle of E-40, Saint Charles, was gospel singer and helped them bring out shots. E- 40s sister, Suga T of the group later came in to start The Click.

After the release of the first album of The Click ( Down and Dirty ), E- 40s appeared solo debut album. From 1994 to 2003 he was with Jive Records.

E-40 published when the albums are counted with The Click, over ten albums. He appeared in numerous movie soundtracks and has guest appearances on albums of friendly rapper.




Guest Posts

  • 2006: Snap Yo Fingers ( Lil Jon featuring E-40 & Sean Paul of Youngbloodz The )
  • 2006: Candy ( Drippin ' Like Water ) ( Snoop Dogg featuring E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz Dillinger & Kurupt )
  • 2006: Oh Yeah (Work ) ( Lil ' Scrappy feat E -40 and Sean Paul of Youngbloodz the. )
  • 2006: I Got Chips ( Turf Talk featuring E -40)
  • 2009: Santana DVX ( The Lonely Iceland featuring E -40)
  • 2009: Booty Call ( Brokencyde featuring E -40)
  • 2010: Every Freakin Night ( Lil Jon featuring E-40 and Naadei )