E-on Vue

Vue (from the French vue, " perspective ", " view" or " sense of sight " in the German educational veraltendes a foreign word for "( beautiful ) view" ( cf. "Bellevue" ), "(beautiful ) sight " ) is the name of a software product line of U.S. software manufacturer E -on software. The product line is continually updated and is currently ( May 2013) in version 11.5 before. The software makes it possible to produce natural-looking, realistic 3D graphics of landscapes and interiors. The Infinite and xStream versions offer here the most functional, but there are also scaled-down versions ( Pro Studio, Esprit, Easel ) for users who need fewer functions.

Functions (sometimes only in version Infinite or xStream included)

  • Realistic simulation of light and Erdatmosphärenbedingungen
  • So-called " ecosystems " offer the possibility to create realistic landscapes.
  • Materials 480 are predefined. It is possible to generate other materials.
  • Correct calculation of reflections and refractions.
  • Animation and creating movies ( camera movements ).
  • Preview functions and the ability to render only certain regions.
  • Import and export functions, as well as interaction with various other 3D programs (LightWave 3D, Maya, Cinema 4D ) version xStream.
  • Scripting support - with the help of Python scripts can sometimes create scenes and change automatically.
  • Distributed computing - with the help of the additional program RenderCow can be distributed rendering complex scenes on multiple computers. Vue however should only be installed on the host computer.
  • Multi -processor support.
  • Both 32 -bit, and 64- bit operating systems are supported.

Plants and vegetation

The main focus in Vue is in creating photo-realistic outdoor scenes. For this purpose, various predefined plant and tree models are included. Through the so-called "Solid Growth " technology, each plant produced is different. All plants can be modified greatly in form and shape. There is also the possibility to include additional models into the program.

Scripting support

The Infinite and xStream versions offer the possibility to control the program using Python scripts. However, all functions and parameters are not available. Although it is possible, for example, predefined atmospheric models load, but these are not modifiable. Despite several appeals and demands of users in the developer 's forum is unclear whether this failure is resolved in the foreseeable future.

Exemplary uses

Industrial Light and Magic used " Vue 5" to fill various scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with plant life and add fog.