E Supremi

E supremi ( Apostolatus ) is issued by Pope Pius X encyclical.

Published on October 4, 1903 encyclical was the inaugural encyclical of the new Pope. In his newsletter he brought the profound appreciation towards his election to the papacy by words of Anselm of Canterbury expressed that used this occasion of his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury. He also paid tribute to his predecessor, Pope Leo XIII. explicitly as someone " of nearly 26 years, the church with the greatest wisdom reigned, whose sprightly mind power and richer, immaculate virtue shine even the enemies extorted admiration and transfigured the glory of his name by brilliant successes. "

His pontificate he put through the encyclical under the motto " Omnia restaurare in Christ " ( "in Christ renew everything ") with the aim that " Christ is all in all".

He saw there the then current situation to be overloaded with problems such as wars, which could even lead to the end of days.

As a remedy he wished to cultivate the spiritual needs and to emphasize the attitude of the Catholic Church on marriage, education, respect for the property and the preservation of law and order in the social classes. The people should not discard to Finding Peace God, but seek the counsel of Jesus Christ, thereby way back to obedience to God. As an ecclesiastical task he saw it, people back to church spirit.

He also stressed the importance of the training of priests through the acquisition of the highest moral views in seminaries. The priest should be the image of Christ ( Latin: ". Curarum haec prima sunto, ut Christ formemus destinantur in iis, qui ceteris formando in Christ officio muneris " ) that must be constantly fed through the bishops as well as the faithful.