An e- text (from electronic text ) is in a computer system of the present text, or more generally an electronic document with text content. If the e- text is from the book as a medium comparable in content or in form, it is called specifically from an e-book. E- texts can be derived from retro-digitized Publikaten whose content is interpreted, for example, using text recognition or text, or they may be originally emerged as electronic publication. E- texts are also referred to as full-text if it should be emphasized that the characters coded individually available and searchable are (full text search).

Technical Background

To be able to interpret data from a file as text, they should conform to a standard. The basis for electronic text encodings, ASCII and Unicode. For further structuring and formatting, there are numerous document format such as HTML, Open Document Format ( ODF), and LaTeX.

For creating and editing e - texts is sufficient depending on the format, a simple text editor, or it is a special word processing software required. Physical media must be digitized for further processing first.

E- texts on the net

In the network there are in electronic form many "free" texts, for example, when Project Gutenberg, the Open Library, the Project Runeberg ( Norse texts ) Perseus Project ( Greek and Latin texts ) and document servers, for example, operated by several German university libraries.