E. Haldeman-Julius

Emanuel Haldeman - Julius ( born July 30, 1889 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † July 31, 1951 ), born as Emanuel Julius, was a socialist reformer and publisher of Jewish descent. Six months after marrying Marcet Haldeman in 1915, both joined their last name.

After working as a journalist in Chicago in 1915, he moved to Girard, Kansas and founded there in 1919, the book series, Little Blue Books, the brought out he and Marcet classical texts in simple, affordable editions and so accessible to the less haves made ​​. The books had a size of 8.9 cm x 12.7 cm, the first edition appeared in 1919 for 5 cents. A total of 100 million copies have been sold. The series was a great success and brought them a corresponding wealth. Later he founded the series Big Blue Books in the format 21.6 cm x 14 cm

His name is occasionally also from publishers, written Halderman - Julius.

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  • Born in 1889
  • Died in 1951
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