E. O. Wooton

Elmer Otis Wooton ( born September 19, 1865 in Kokomo, Indiana, † November 20, 1945 in Arlington, Virginia) was an American botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Wooton ". Previously was also the abbreviation " Woot. " In use.

Life and work

Wooton was a professor of chemistry and botany, 1890 at the New Mexico State University ( NMSU ). The New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts had just been re-established, from which the name " NMC Herbarium " for the Herbarium of the University derived. As early as spring of 1890 began Wooton, to collect plants in the area, and built during his about two decades at the New Mexico State University Herbarium to a respectable size. In 1910 he became assistant curator of the National Herbarium. In 1911 he went to Washington, DC, where he worked for the Department of Agriculture ( USDA) to 1935.


The plant genera Wootonella Standlschmaus. and Wootonia Greene have been named after him.



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