E. W. Emo

EW Emo ( born July 11, 1898 as Emerich Joseph Wojtek in sub Seebarn 51, at Grafenwörth, Austria, † December 2, 1975 in Vienna ) was an Austrian film director, especially for comedies, 21 of which with the actor Hans Moser. He also worked abroad and wrote several screenplays.

Life and work

Emerich Joseph Wojtek was the son of a senior teacher. He attended country school in Krems and did in World War I military service. In 1919, he first worked as an extra and then as an assistant director, manager, and finally assistant director in the film industry. In 1927, he came as an assistant director to Berlin and worked here as an film editor and dramaturg with different directors together.

In 1928 he directed his first feature film called honeymoon. After that, he starred in many movies and entertainment with the beginning of the sound era and several musical and operetta films. Emo had as a director considerable proportion of the popularity of actors like Paul Hörbiger, Theo Lingen and especially Hans Moser, who starred in 21 of his films. In 1936 he founded in Berlin with Paul Hörbiger and the Austrian Consul Charles Kuenzel the Algefa movie. In the same year his stage name was recognized as an official name " Walter Emerich Emo ". Even after the Second World War could still realize Emo several feature films.

During National Socialism, he was one of the directors of the Vienna - house movie, where he continues to light comedies, often with Hans Moser, he left much room for improvisation, turned. In some of his films the toe the party line director also criticized the clichés of the Viennese films, such as Anthony the Last (1939 ), where he exaggerated Hans Moser Raunzerei into querulousness, and love is duty free (1941 ), where he calls the " high society of Vienna " less cheesy than rather large man addicted and maliciously represented. Emos only decidedly propagandistic film, however, Vienna 1910 (1942), which was intended with the distorted portrayal of Viennese politics to the anti-Semite Karl Lueger and the German - National Georg Ritter von Schönerer as late legitimize the annexation of Austria to Germany. However, this approach must be regarded as a failure, since the film the Nazis was to Austro yet, which is why he " Ostmark ", Austria, was banned for performance in the. In Germany the interest in the film remained low.

He was married to German actress Anita Dorris since 1930. Her daughter was born in 1936 actress Maria Emo. EW Emo died on 2 December 1975 in Vienna to arteriosclerosis.