E2A Architects

E2A architects is a Swiss architecture firm in Zurich.


E2A architects was founded by the brothers Piet and Wim Eckert, 2001 in Zurich, which were 2009-2011 Visiting Professors of Architecture and Sustainability at the HafenCity University in Hamburg. Since then, E2A have dealt with the design of exhibitions, industrial and commercial buildings, cultural and public facilities as well as residential buildings. In addition, they have numerous urban and architectural studies and contributed to the current architectural discourse.

In the design process E2A put their main focus on the interdisciplinary process and the conceptual development, which is a synthesis of an analytical response to the context, as well as a hypothetical and programmatic approach in interpreting current requirements. In teams of architects, engineers, artists, stage designers and directors, planners and project managers working on the development of the area. The best known works include the new school for the Centre for Hearing and Language Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin ( 2008), the Broelbergüberbauung in Kilchberg, a suburb of Zurich (2003), the auditorium and the library near Zurich ( 2011) and in Zurich (2008). Among the studies that provide information about your work, include, inter alia Miesology, a series of collages the images Mies van der Rohe's faces and reflects on architectural and contextual strategies. The project Europa Allee, construction site H, which promotes the integration of the surrounding district and the sustainable development and the Escher terraces, both in Zurich, complement the urban fabric and the skyline of Zurich.


Cross-project, the work of E2A are characterized by an interest in classical concepts, in that revisiting these ideas appear as apt at the present time. The construction of the Heinrich Böll Foundation E2A have been linked to their collage studies to Mies van der Rohe's work. In this case, they have two Mies Icons faced - the one that opens Farnsworth House itself toward the landscape, and his skyscraper in Manhattan, the Seagram Building. In this example, Modern and enthusiasm for technology to connect to a building for an ecologically oriented foundation. The construction of the center for hearing and speech relies on the concept Semper that a house consists of a base, columns and a roof. The auditorium near Zurich deals with the idea of ​​monumentality, which comes in printed concrete relief expressed, which is based on the local fruit trees. The facade is replaced by an expression of monumentality, which establishes the reference and the throwback to the past.


  • 2010 Green Good Design Award for the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin
  • 2009 BDA Prize of Berlin 09 recognition for the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin. German architects from the federal government.
  • 2008 Swiss Solar Prize 2008 for sports conditioning Juchhof, Zurich
  • 2008 Best Architects 09 for triangle house, Winterthur
  • 2007 Architects 08 Award for terrace houses, miles
  • 2002 Flying Fish Award for Sustainable Building Nouvelle Pavilion for Expo 02 DestiNation, Biel

Buildings and designs (selection)

  • Escher terraces, Zurich - Under Construction. Competition 2006, 1 rank.
  • Europa Allee, construction field H, Zurich - In the draft. Competition 2009, 1 rank.
  • Escher Park housing, Zurich - In the draft. Competition 2008, 1 rank.
  • Marina deep wells, Zurich - Study 2008-12.
  • Auditorium and library, Stafa -. Completion in 2011 competition 2005 1 rank.
  • School center, Opfikon - Completion 2010 competition 2004, 1 rank..
  • Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin - Completion 2008 2005 competition, one rank..
  • Centre for Hearing and Language, Zurich - Completion 2008 2003 competition, one rank..
  • Triangle House, Winterthur - completion 2008.
  • Training Center and Sports Facilities, Zurich - Completion 2007 2005 competition, one rank..
  • Country House, near Zurich - completion 2007.
  • Escher -Wyss Areal, Zurich - 2006 competition, master plan, one rank..
  • Tyrolean National Exhibition LA05, Hall iT / Innsbruck - Completion 2005 2003 competition, one rank..
  • Delta Metropolitan, Leiden - 2005th Urban study in connection with Holland Rjinland Delta Metropolitan, Technical University, Delft.
  • Terrace houses, miles - completion 2004.
  • Hotel Beau Rivage, Biel - Competition 2003, 1st Prize.
  • Broëlberg houses, Kilchberg - Completion 2003 Competition 2001, 1 rank..
  • World Trade Organization, extension, Geneva - 2003 competition, one rank.
  • Swiss Embassy, ​​Washington DC - Competition, 2001 2nd place.
  • Alp, Erstfeld and Pollegio - Competition in 2001, 3rd place.