E4 Series Shinkansen

The Shinkansen Series E4 (Japanese新 干线E4系 电车, Shinkansen E4 -kei densha ) is a Japanese high-speed train operated by JR East on the Tohoku, Joetsu and Hokuriku Shinkansen routes. The Shinkansen E4, as well as the E1 Series, "MAX" called.

Design and technology

This train is the direct successor of the series E1 despite the higher series number. Despite the beefy appearance, the nose to avoid the tunnel pop is streamlined and elongated. In contrast to the E1 series, which consists of twelve cars, has an E4 set to only eight cars; it can go in double traction of E4, which in 1634 travelers is a seat available. Four of the eight cars are equipped with underfloor engines, bring the train to its maximum speed of 240 km / hr.


While there are in first class ( Green Class) by a 2 2 seating more space for passengers, has the Second Class (Ordinary Class) over a 3 3 ( unreserved area on the upper deck of the car 1-3) or a 2 3 seating in the remaining reserved area. Wheelchair spaces are available in the car 9 and 18, in car number 5 snack machines are available, in addition passengers are served by a traveling mini bar in place. A train restaurant does not exist.


On 20 December 1997, the plan service began with three trains on the Tohoku line. By 2003, a total of 26 sets were produced.