Eadwig or Edwy (c. 941; † October 1 959 in Gloucester ), King of England ( 955-957 ), King of Wessex ( 957-959 ), was the elder son of King Edmund I. and successor King Eadreds.


At his coronation the end of January 956, there was a dispute with the Holy Dunstan of Canterbury, because King Eadred latter had very generous intent in his will. After Mercia and Northumbria, probably to operate Dunstan, had renounced Eadwig and his brother Edgar recognized as king, he had the Saints from England banish.

After a time, the royal brothers arranged and accepted the respective positions, with Eadwig soon made ​​a bad reputation because he tried to bind followers at the expense of the rule of his brother in his own family. This meant that his enemies allied with the always discontented men of the North and the local influence Eadwigs limited.

The king died without issue on 1 October 959 in Gloucester.

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