Eagle Premier

The Eagle Premier is a passenger car, which was developed by the U.S. carmaker American Motors Corporation together with the French automobile manufacturer Renault for the American market. After 1987 Chrysler AMC had been bought, the model was launched in 1988 and sold until 1992. From 1990 to 1992, the Dodge Monaco was offered as an identical model. The Premier and Monaco were marketed as a sporty, elegant limousine.


The Premier was a four-door sedan, the design of Giorgetto Giugiaro came. Underbody and body were new designs. The Premier was the first big car, the AMC after setting the AMC Ambassadors wanted to bring to the market in 1974. He had the spaciousness American sedans and offered the largest interior in its class. The interior designed the AMC design team headed by Richard A. Teague. The cars offered an outfit that was modern for its time. A two-door version, the Allure should have said, had been planned by AMC, but was never realized.


Mechanics and suspension were taken from the Renault 25, which was very successful in France. The Premier gave it as LX ( 2.5 -liter four- cylinder engine of AMC by the end of the model year 1989) as well as ES and as Limited ( with 3.0 -liter V6 engine, a variant of the PRV V6 engine, which was jointly developed as a joint venture between Renault, Volvo and Peugeot). Very few LX models - mainly for vehicle fleets - ordered. Thanks to its French design was the car on the American market as a sporty sedan. He had individually suspended wheels, which gave him comfort and directional stability, and an elaborate worm and sector. The quality of construction was considered the best, the AMC or Chrysler had ever delivered. Car of the first years of construction, however, had to contend with electronic problems.

Production history

For the production of the Premier, a new plant was - Bramalea Assembly called - built in Bramalea, very close to an existing AMC factory in Brampton, Ontario. It was opened in 1986., Not least because of this modern factory Chrysler was interested in buying AMC. After the takeover, it was renamed " Brampton Assembly."

The car was originally to be sold as Renault Premier. The first units left the factory in early 1988 actually under that name, the chassis numbers of all the 1988 models correspond to the AMC pattern. In many parts of the vehicle, the AMC emblem was stamped until 1992. Until 1990, the facelift vehicles carried signs reading " Design Giugiaro ."

The introduction of the identical model Dodge Monaco was a result of the agreed obligation in the underwriting agreement, to purchase 260,000 PRV V6 engines in the first five years of Renault. Chrysler tried in vain to establish the Eagle Premier and Dodge Monaco as a competitor to the Ford Taurus and similar models from Acura and Volvo. The Premier and Monaco competed on the market rather with other Chrysler and Dodge models in the same class. In addition, the acquired AMC Jeep - Eagle dealers were not very motivated, the Premier to sell because they would rather have focused on the well-run and profitable Jeep models. Thus, the sales figures of the Eagle and the Monaco fell short of expectations. Production ceased in 1992 in Bramalea 139 051 Eagle Premier and Dodge Monaco had been built. Chrysler paid a penalty for each of the 120 949 PRV V6 engines, which have not been purchased by Renault.


The " Brampton Assembly" was refurbished after the end of this series for the production of the Chrysler LH cars that came onto the market in the fall of 1992. The prime minister can be considered as precursors of the LH platform. François Castaing, formerly AMC - chief of product development, in 1988 at Chrysler head of vehicle design. The Eagle Vision was the slightly larger direct successor to the Premier. Although the " cab-forward " design of the LH cars differed greatly from that of the Premier, the engines were mounted longitudinally but also in this series - in contrast to all other front-wheel drive cars from Chrysler. The automatic transmission of the LH cars, the A606 was the electronic transmission from Audi's production, which had been used in the four-cylinder Premier, very similar. The body of the Premier was used for the LH " Entwicklungsmulis ", which were used for the road testing of the new LH- mechanics. After two generations Chrysler adapted for this platform, the rear-wheel drive concept from Daimler -Benz.