Earth 2 (TV series)

Earth 2 is an American science fiction television series from 1994 to 1995, which was commissioned by Universal Television by Michael Duggan for the U.S. television network NBC. Your Original had the series on November 6, 1994 NBC. In Germany, the series ran for the first time in October 1995 with RTL and in the first half of 2008 in the German and in the first half of 2009 at a festival. In Austria and Switzerland broadcasting from November 1996 to ORF 1 and SF zwei took place. In France they showed Earth 2 in the same year on Canal Jimmy and 2006 on the Syfy local offshoot.

In Germany, the series has been released on 21 October 2010 on DVD.


The environmental conditions on Earth are disastrous and therefore it is in the year 2184 for the most part no longer habitable. People who can afford to live in overcrowded space stations. Because of a disease ( syndrome called ) in their offspring - which is believed that it is caused by the conditions in the space stations - people are looking for a new home planet. Suitable them seems the G88 present in the system Earth-like planet G889 - called Earth 2 - to be 22 light years away.

Against the views of the Earth government or of the council board of the space station plans billionaire Devon Adair, whose son is ill Ulyssus also the syndrome, colonists - mostly families with so-called syndrome children - as part of the Eden Project on Earth to settle 2. After a hasty departure due to an attempt by the government to destroy the spaceship, and a 22 - year journey in the cold sleep after G889, the Vorhutschiff when placing the cargo has to be evacuated in the orbit of the planet.

After crash landing in an escape pod notes on the decimated crew of 17 people Vorhutschiffs that it is thousands of miles away from the planned landing site on the planet. With minimal equipment follows a month- long march to the " New Pacifica ", the planned landing site the following families with their " Syndrome children." During this time, they have to adapt to life on the planet. Among other things, the group finds out that the "living " planet has produced intelligent life with the Terrianern and Grendlern. Especially the Terrianer - an underground living people - is closely associated with the planet and people's dreams can communicate with them. In addition, they had the power, Adair 's son Ulyssus to heal from his illness by making their own kind to him. Soon, the group must also recognize that they are at risk and threats by people since Earth was 2 years ago, used as a penal colony for criminals and the High Council of the space stations is planning to resettle millions of other people on the planet.


It was shot the series in the wilds of New Mexico, as it was looking for a suitable location, which should act as possible " extraterrestrial ".

During the first season of the market share of the group of 21 fell to 9%. The NBC television network and the production company Universal were not satisfied. Therefore was separated from producer Michael Duggan and replaced him with Gil Grant. This had given the task to change the concept of the series for a possible second season and make for the masses.

The new concept was far-reaching changes in the series. So should include two main parts are written out of the series and replaced by new ones. The remaining figures would also have to undergo a change. It provided a strong male group leaders, the development of specific skills in the existing male characters, such as superhuman strength, special martial arts, and less dominant female characters ( romanticism ). In addition, some of the already discovered species should be on Earth 2 replaced by new ones.

Since NBC was the new concept but not satisfied, he decided the series then adjust. A little later the UPN expressed interest to take the series in their program, probably because one of the managers was also a fan of the series. Since this did not agree, however, with the realignment of the series, they broke off the negotiations.

Instrumentation and synchronization


There are some allusions to the Roanoke colony again. Danziger's work jacket is labeled VA -1587: postal code of Virginia, and year on which the colony was visited again. The action is similar to the settlers treks in the west.

The Living Planet refers to the Gaia hypothesis.