East New Britain Province

East New Britain Province is one of the 21 provinces of Papua New Guinea. It comprises the eastern half of the island of New Britain (formerly New Britain ) and the 13 little Duke of York Islands (58 km ²) in St. George 's Channel between the Gazelle Peninsula and the eastern neighboring island of New Ireland ( New Ireland ).

The East New Britain (ENB ) Province covers 15,320 km ² and counted in the year 2000, approximately 220,000 inhabitants, mostly members of the Tolai people. Largest city and provincial capital was the port town of Rabaul - until 1994 the eruption of the volcano Tavurvur the city under his ashes buried (5 deaths). Many residents are drawn during and after the volcanic eruption, 30 km away Kokopo (formerly Herbert height). It was subsequently Kokopo provincial capital, since the place due to its sheltered location offered more security and had an already developed infrastructure. Rabaul has now again with 4000 inhabitants, Kokopo about 22,000.


The most important group of languages ​​of New Britain are the Tolai. They are considered business-minded and have to arrange well with all changes both in colonial times and in the independence. The Baining from the mountains have purchased with their ritual fire dance and stick their penis some notoriety. In addition, settling in East New Britain, the Sulka south of the Gazelle Peninsula.


New Britain was discovered in 1700 by William Dampier. From 1885 to 1914 New Britain was part of the German colony of German New Guinea and bore the name of New Britain. The small island off the east coast of York was called Duke of York and was the starting point of the earliest colonial aspirations to the trading firm Godeffroy.

Ever since the early colonial period is the eastern part of the island of New Britain with the Gazelle Peninsula of far more significant. This was from 1889 the capital of the colony in Kokopo (Herbert height). From 1910, a few kilometers away Rabaul ( Simpson harbor ) was the main village. Also found in 1910 near the convalescent home " Toma " on a 400 m high mountain, the inauguration of a Bismarck monument instead.

East New Britain could apply in addition to New Ireland and the York Island as the only of developed part of the German colony - the rest remained only at the edges explored and managed.

Rabaul was also the capital of New Guinea during the Australian period 1918 to 1945. Was not until after the two territories of Papua and New Guinea were combined, Port Moresby became the new capital and New Britain lost its importance.

Districts and LLGs

The East New Britain Province is divided into four districts. Each district consists of one or more distinguish " areas at the local administrative level ," Local Level Government ( LLG ) areas which in Rural (rural ) or urban ( urban) LLGs.