Eastern Desert

The Arabian Desert (Arabic: الصحراء الشرقية Aş Sahra ' ash Sharqīyah, english Eastern Desert, both literally: "Eastern Desert " ), located in Egypt, and is next to the Nubian Desert, the easternmost part of the Sahara Desert in Africa.

The desert is a 22,000 km ² area dry. It extends north-east of Lake Nasser between the Nile and the Red Sea. South of Lake Nasser is the Nubian Desert in Sudan.

The Arabian Desert is composed of rugged basalt and granite formations and reached its greatest height in the Gebel al - Banat Shayib with 2187 meters south-west of Hurghada.

There are two national parks in the Arabian desert: Wadi al -Gamal National Park and Gebel Elba - National Park.

Aerial view, substantial terracing and alluvial recognizable