Eastern European Funk

Eastern European Funk ( also known as East European Funk, both German " Eastern European Funk" ) is a song by Lithuanian grouping InCulto. It was the contribution of Lithuania to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 and won in the Lithuanian preliminary decision on March 4, 2010, both by the favor of the audience and the jury. However, Lithuania was eliminated due to fewer votes in the second semi-final of the competition eventually.

Because of the provocative text (especially a text line, which states: " We survived the reds and two world wars " ) was analyzed by the European Broadcasting Union, the text but had not be changed. The lyrics and music were written by Laurynas Lape, Jievaras Jasinskis, Sergei Makidon, Aurelijus Morlencas and Jurgis Didžiulis ( the members of the group InCulto ).

The content of the text can be set up roughly in the following two sentences from the lyrics:

"Yes sir, we are legal we are, though we're not as legal as you. / No sir, we're not equal, no, though we're both from the EU. "

" Yes, sir, we are legal we are, though not as legal as you. / No, sir, we are not equal, no, even though we are both from the EU. "

The text contains a protest against the Western world, because they would forget the Eastern Europe, although " We [ Eastern Europe] build your houses, wash your dishes and keep your hands squeaky clean".

As decided on 7 February 2010 in the semi-final draw, East European Funk went to in the second semi-final. There, the first starting number was drawn against him, so that the song opened up this semi-final. The performance of the song was considered controversial, even managed the group is to qualify for the final two days later.

The group InCulto in 2006 reached the second place in the Lithuanian pre-decision with the song Welcome to Lithuania.