Eastern Highlands Province

Eastern Highlands is one of the 21 provinces of Papua New Guinea. This province is one with 11,200 km ² and around 433,000 inhabitants, the most densely populated in the country. Capital is Goroka with 18,618 inhabitants in 2000.

Eastern Highlands is the easternmost of the mountain provinces. It has wild, high mountain ridges to the Mount Michael as the highest mountain ( 3750 m), and deep fertile valleys, which are used for profitable tobacco and coffee plantations, animal husbandry and the cultivation of fruits and peanuts.

Eastern Highlands belonged to the German colony of German New Guinea, but remained unexplored until its end. In 1951 the Highland area was divided into different provinces. Today, the province is well served by the Highlands Highway from Lae.

The neighboring provinces are Morobe in the east, in the north of Madang, Simbu in the West and Gulf in the south.


The highlanders are mostly small in stature and have medium brown skin. Many tribes was an aggressive warlike behavior inherent in what is supposed to be has now been superceded by a similar business practices.

The Fore were caused by the disease Kuru known, they probably treat injuries sustained by eating of human brains. Warlike were also the Gahaku - Gambu while the Kamano are known by an unusually tense relationship between men and women. The Bena Bena - and Korofeigu believe in male superiority and have a patrilinieare tribal order.

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Districts and LLGs

The Eastern Highlands Province is divided into eight districts. Each district consists of one or more distinguish " areas at the local administrative level ," Local Level Government ( LLG ) areas which in Rural (rural ) or urban ( urban) LLGs.