Eastern Province (Kenya)

Eastern ( East) is a province of Kenya. Its capital is Embu.

The province has about 5.5 million inhabitants. The residents in the more densely populated southern part of Eastern predominantly belong to the Bantu-speaking ethnic groups of the Kamba, Kikuyu, Meru and Embu. In the sparsely populated northern part of life kuschitischsprachige pastoral nomads, mostly Borana ( Oromo ), next to the allied Gabbra and Rendille and Somali.

For Eastern Province include the Chalbi desert, Mount Kenya and the eastern half of Lake Turkana. In the north of the province bordering Ethiopia.

In the northern part droughts are a problem and can lead to greater dependency on food aid. Global warming is expected to exacerbate this problem.

Administrative divisions

Eastern is divided into 13 districts: