EBA stands for:

  • Electronic Professional Card ( eBA ), see Electronic Health Professional Register
  • École Belge d' Athènes, the Belgian Archaeological School in Athens
  • Federal Railway Authority, a German federal authority for the regulation of railways
  • Federal certificate, basic vocational education for weaker students
  • Endemic Bird Areas
  • Euro Banking Association
  • European Banking Authority, the European Banking Authority
  • Expanded bed adsorption, a chromatographic type
  • Elba Island Airport IATA Code
  • Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita, acquired, autoimmune bullous dermatosis
  • Everything but Arms initiative of the EU, see EPAs # Specific questions
  • Ethylene butyl acrylate copolymer, a soft plastic, which is synthesized from the monomers ethylene and butyl acrylate

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