Ebe W. Tunnell

Ebe Walter Tunnell ( born December 31, 1844 Sussex County, Delaware, † December 13, 1917 in Lewes, Delaware ) was an American politician and 1897-1901 Governor of the State of Delaware.

Early years and political rise

Ebe Tunnell was born in Blackwater near Clarksville; both places are now part of the city Ocean View. After leaving school he took over from his grandfather founded the grocery store in his hometown. In 1872 he moved to Lewes, where he operated a hardware store and a drugstore. Tunnell became a member of the Democratic Party. In 1870 he was elected for a period in the House of Representatives from Delaware. Between 1885 and 1890 he worked as a " Clerk of Peace" Justice of the Peace in Sussex County. Since 1882 to 1917 he was president of the Farmer's Bank of Delaware. In 1894 he ran unsuccessfully for the governorship of his state. In the next elections on 3 November. then in 1896 he made the hoped-for victory. though he only reached 47% of the vote, but this represented the best result among the three candidates being beaten.

Governor of Delaware

Ebe Tunnell joined his four -year term on 19 January 1897. During this time, the Agriculture Committee has been launched and restructured the judiciary. In addition, a new constitution was drafted, which entered into force in 1897, with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor was created, among other things. The representation of each county in the legislature was restructured. The new constitution also allowed the governors to do two related terms. Politically, a reversal in favor of the Republican Party took place before Tunnells tenure in Delaware, which continues to be continued. The turnaround was then that Tunnell to 1937 should be the last Democratic governor of Delaware.

Further CV

After the end of his term on January 15, 1901, Tunnell retired from politics and returned to his more extensive private shops. He was still Bank President and was a board member of a railroad company. Ebe Tunnell was unmarried. He was a distant relative of James M. Tunnell (1879-1957), who represented from 1941 to 1947 Delaware in the U.S. Senate.