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Ebeltoft [ ɛ ː bəltɔfd ] is a Danish town with 7528 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). It is located on the Jutland peninsula Djursland on Ebeltoft Vig, a bay of Kattegat, and is a member of Syddjurs. The city lives on the one hand from their yacht and fishing harbor, the other part of tourism. This is through the idyllic charm of the historic old town from the 14th century and the proximity to holiday home areas such as Ahl beach, Islands Maritime Ferieby (a small marina with adjoining apartments ), Handrup, Lyngsbæk and Egsmark beach and three large campsites in Krakær, Vibæk beach and the nearby village of Dråby favors.


The center Ebeltoft is largely from historic houses, the tiny town hall, " Det Gamle Rådhus ", with an old prisoner basement and the Romanesque- Early Gothic church determine the centuries unchanged basically cityscape. Ebeltoft has experienced strong economic growth over the past 15 years and now boast major department stores and an attractive pedestrian zone. Likewise, Ebeltoft is the headquarters of the Danish- European textile design company Kvadrat ( square). In addition to two comprehensive schools is located in Ebeltoft and the European Film College in Denmark.

In addition to the centuries-old historical monuments Ebeltoft is represented by two outstanding attractions of nationwide cultural significance in the region. In the Glass Museum on the harbor and the numerous works of Ebeltoft Glass artists are exhibited alongside international exhibits. Glass blowing is a feature of the city, which is therefore also referred to as the "capital of the glass ." In the museum harbor is the historic frigate Jylland, the longest preserved ship of its kind, the frigate took during the German -Danish War on May 9, 1864 at the naval battle off Heligoland in part, despite tactical triumph of the Danish side the Prussian victory could not prevent. She is now completely restored and equipped with a crew of wax figures to visit in Ebeltoft.


For the tourists and the locals are always organized actions in the summer holidays. So go after old tradition since 1950 again night watchman through the streets and sing their songs watch. Because it is expected that the name of Ebeltoft is due to the fact that the time of origin of the town is a hill with apple trees formed the center thereof, is a big draw for tourists since 2004 as a tribute to the city and the Danish national fruit every year in mid October, the so-called " Ebelfestival " ( apple festival) organized.


Ebeltoft is favored by its location near the European route 45 traffic-technically. By ferry from the city there is also a time-saving ferry to Sjællands Odde, the northwest tip of the island, and continuing to Copenhagen. The Aarhus ( Aarhus Lufthavn ) Airport at Tirstrup is located around 15 minutes drive from Ebeltoft, opening up the city to the international air traffic. Originally, the city had a connection to the railway network over the train track Ebeltoft Trustrup, which, however, was decommissioned in 1968.


  • Hack Kampmann, Danish architect, born in Ebeltoft September 6, 1856, died 1920.