Eberhard Emminger

Markus Eberhard Emminger ( born October 21, 1808 in Biberach an der Riss, † November 27, 1885 ) was a German lithographer and landscape painter.


As a student of the Latin School, he received art lessons from Johann Baptist Pflug, until he became a 13 -year-old apprentice to Stuttgart. When art publisher Georg Christoph Ebner he received a business training, but also training as a reproductive engraver and drawing lessons. The techniques of lithography, he developed a self-taught. Even in his apprenticeship, he was allowed to work independently. After that, he became a pupil of Johann Friedrich Dieterich, who later became director of the Stuttgart Art School.

In his time in Stuttgart numerous landscapes and historical and genre pictures were taken after preliminary drawings by other artists.

In 1835 he moved to Munich, then traveled for a year through Italy, after which he continued to study in Munich in 1836 for another year at the Academy. In 1837 he finished his training with a very successful examination in Stuttgart.

From now on he led, though now married, a restless, wandering life, he drew on the Rhine and went throughout all South Germany to Vienna and Italy. From 1854 he lived with his family in Munich. After the death of his son and his wife in 1873, he moved back to Stuttgart and eventually moved in 1878 in his home town of Biberach, where he died in 1885.

Works (excerpt)


  • Scenic image of the height ratios Württemberg, according to the latest official measurements designed and edited. by H. Brown. Lithography with chalkboard from M. E. Emminger. Fritzschke, Munich 1880
  • Albert Moll, August Pleibel: The Swabian Alb. A description of her most beautiful and interesting points. With 19 lithographic views of Eb. Emminger, C. Schacher and J. Wölffle. Expenditures in 1860 and 1865 (reprint: Weidlich, Frankfurt am Main, 1976, ISBN 3-8035-8905-3 )